Henson Insurance Agency is a collaborative agency that has a cumulative 20 years of experience. Each of our insurance agents has a passion for giving and a heart that made it easy for us to become family. Below you can learn about each of our team members, their history and why they make an incredible addition to our team.

Something that we pride ourselves on is the ability to truly connect with each of the individuals that we work with, and the reason behind that is that we have incredible team members that genuinely care. Take some time to learn about us, because we know that while we may start out as your insurance agent, we’ll always wind up turning into friends. If you have any questions, reach out to us and we’ll get you taken care of!


KEAGAN Henson, AAA Agent in Yukon, Oklahoma is the definition of a servant leader. Keagan is a family man who understands that the most important things in life need protecting – that is why he is in the insurance field! As a family man, Keagan is most proud of the family support system that surrounds him and his wife, Madison, and would be most excited if his two young boys would become his business partners one day. Time will only tell. On the other hand, as an entrepreneur, Keagan is grateful for the opportunity to own his company independently and growing a business based on serving others.  Although Keagan has only been in the insurance field since 2013, he understands – from his background in the hospitality industry – what it takes to serve his customers and how to make an impact on the world around him. His AAA motto may be  “Exceed the Expectations,” but Keagan has another motto in life – Shine your Light. 

Based off of Keagan’s favorite biblical scripture, Matthew 5:13-16, Keagan is ambitious to be a light to others in a world of darkness. Although he is at his best after a good night of sleep, Keagan also is most content when he is serving others in ways that will improve their life and impact them in some way. Here’s a secret about Keagan Henson – he is on a mission to change the world. Just as a lighthouse is working it’s hardest when everything around it is dark, Keagan sees serving people as an opportunity to be the light that touches lives in a world of darkness. What is Keagan’s motivation? Keagan has seen the change of heart people take away from being treated genuinely and how loving care and concern tend to prompt a change in the lives of others.

What else do you need to know about Keagan Henson? Keagan’s exceeding levels of service and continual strive for excellence put his company above others in the mind of the consumer. By consistently thinking outside the box, Keagan is determined to bring extra value and services to his AAA clients each year. Adding things that customers can truly value and exceeding the expectations of what an insurance agency can offer its customers is Keagan’s top priority.

“I believe I can change the world by truly exceeding people’s expectations and by serving them in a way that is unique. I plan to do that by understanding and meeting people’s needs, as well as anticipating their needs before they even have to ask. I feel as if I serve people that way, they might possibly be inspired to serve others in that way as well.” – Keagan Henson


Micheal was born and raised right here in Yukon, OK and comes to us with twelve years of experience in insurance. But, long before that, she began working alongside her mom and began picking up things that would help her develop into the insurance professional she is today.

After learning the ins and outs of insurance from her mom, Micheal went on to receive a degree in accounting and was hired to keep the books for a software company, a position that required very little interaction with others.  She lasted three months. ‘I quickly learned I needed people to talk to,’ Micheal said. She wanted to be in a place where she could see she was making a real difference in people’s lives.

This realization moved her to back into the world of insurance where she has been ever since.  When asked for a real life example of how she has been able to make a difference in someone’s life, Micheal said, ‘I handled a death claim for a lady, someone I knew. I got to see that her kids would be provided for.’ She went on to say, ‘It was sad, but also a good feeling to know I could help people when things were really difficult.’  Earlier this year Michael handled claims for three separate house fires and again the most gratifying part of her job was getting to see someone who was left with nothing walk away with what they needed when they needed it most.
As a wife and mother to three kids, Micheal has learned what truly matters; it is planning ahead for those you love. She wants others to know the peace that follows the decision to insure a more secure future for your family.

Michael was raised to let nothing go to waste. She enjoys repurposing leftover items to create new and useful things. ‘I enjoy the crafting side of repurposing and love showing people what I’ve made,’ she said. She recently built a new chicken coop retaining system with things she already had laying around the house. ‘My neighbor called me a crazy chicken lady!’ Michael confessed with a laugh. But, we believe that this mentality will serve her well on the job, because she wants to help people use all of their resources wisely.

‘There are no dumb questions when it comes to insurance,’ Micheal said, ‘insurance policies are written by people who don’t sell insurance. So, if you are looking for someone who has done the work and can answer your questions and help you understand your policies, I’m here to help.’ She wants you to know that while she may be new to the agency, she is looking forward to bringing her experience and passion for others to this position. She looks forward to meeting you soon.


Misha recently moved to Yukon and we sat down to ask her some questions about her background and her thoughts about joining the team at AAA.

How will you be serving people at AAA?
I’ll be doing a little bit of everything. I’ll serve as an customer service rep, assist with marketing and work as our communications specialist.

What skills do you bring to this position?
In the past I worked as a Call Center Supervisor for Oklahoma State University so I have a lot of experience working with clients over the phone and establishing good communication with people.

What does a workplace have to have for you to really enjoy working there?
A positive, peaceful atmosphere. I am really easy going and can get along with just about anybody but I was looking for a friendly environment that feels safe, with people who care, not just about bringing in the big bucks, but about me, my family and building community.

What do you think you are going to enjoy most working here?  
I am excited about all of it! It’s going to be challenging, which I enjoy.  There is going to be a lot of variety, always something new going on!

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?
Outside of work I am busy being a mom!  My son, Caden is super active and every day there is something for us to go to. He is in a ton of sports; flag football, wrestling, t-ball and gymnastics. Getting to cheer my son on is awesome!

Do you have any secret talents?
I’ve been getting into baking cakes. My family asked me to bake cakes for some birthdays and then told me I should think about baking for other people. I got to bake a wedding cake and groom’s cake for the first time recently and they turned out great, so that’s a new interest of mine. I also love to sing and I can write with my toes!

How long have you lived in Yukon?
I moved to Yukon last summer but Yukon has always been a second home to me. My parents both grew up here. They moved away when they first got married, but came back a few years ago. I’ve got aunts, uncles, cousins…everyone is in Yukon. Getting to live here now is great. I get to experience being with family beyond Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. My cousins are having babies now and I can go to the hospital and be part of all those big life moments.

Are there any family traditions that you’re a part of?
Every Sunday after church we get to go to my Aunt’s house for family lunch. It is awesome! We all bring something to contribute to the meal.  It’s special.

What do you like best about Yukon?
There are great schools here and the community’s been really good to us but I will say that we really do need to get a Whataburger!

Do you have any special plans for this coming summer?
We are going to Disney World this summer!  I am super excited to take Caden and I’ve never been either so it will be a lot of fun.

I can tell your son is really important to you, what do you like best about being a mom?
You know, every moment has its time. When they are babies they are cute and smell good and now that he’s gotten older he’s got a personality and he is funny. He is really funny. Anything that he is doing, I’m in to. I’m ‘that mom’ at all his sporting events. I totally get into it!  Right now he is in to super heroes so we watch all the Avenger movies together and read comic books.

When people stop by the office and meet you, what do you want them to know?
I would like people to know that I will go out of my way to find the answers they are looking for. If I don’t know, I will find someone who does. I’m not the kind of person that tells people, ‘Here, you can do that.’ That’s my job. I’ll make that call. I’ll send that fax. I like to help take the load off someone else. It’s my job to worry about those things.

Why is the work that you do important?
It’s important because everyday people need to know they are safe.  When they get in a bind they need to know they have something to fall back on, that it’s going to be okay, that they are going to make it.  If you don’t prepare, that’s when you have things to worry about.

Why come to AAA, instead of another agency?
I’m biased. I already know that I’m with the friendliest, kindest people you could ever come across. I know the people I work with and I know that they truly love and care for their clients, as well as their families and neighbors. It comes from a place that other companies may not have – as far as where that love comes from.