Protecting your business assets as a small business owner is essential to your operations and peace of mind as an entrepreneur. Small business owners make up more than 90 percent of employers in Oklahoma. They are an essential part of our economy in Canadian County. While they tend to be local, and some would argue less likely to suffer a traumatic incident, small businesses can still face large lawsuits.

While you can’t control what the complaint will be or when it will occur, you can ensure you have a reliable policy on which to fall back on.

Preparation Means Finding the Right Policy

Greg Whittaker provides coverage from liability insurance to workers compensation and vehicle insurance for small businesses. The agents at AAA Insurance take the time to sit down with each of their business clients to create a plan that best fits their needs. With a direct focus on client care, your agent will ensure you understand each part of your policy as well as being readily available to answer any questions you have throughout the term of your policy. When it comes time to update your policy, your agent will strive to make the updating and renewal process as seamless and simple as possible.

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No two businesses are the same, so why would their coverage be? If you’re ready to get started on finding a quote for your business, we’re the ones that can help! Call AAA Insurance Yukon today and tell them about your business and your coverage needs. They strive for superior client care.

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